Driver T/S parameters

The driver files can be used in WinISD which is a freeware box design application.

Driver Name

T/S Parameters

WinISD driver files

2" Diamond Midrange

2 inch midrange TSP & Frequency

Journey DM-2.wdr

3" Gold Midrange

3 inch midrange TSP & Frequency information .pdf

Journey MID3G.wdr

6.5" Silver Midbass

6.5 inch component speaker da650am TSP

Journey DA650AM Silver 6_ .wdr

6.5" Gold Midbass

6.5 inch component speaker pw165am TSP

Journey PW165AM Gold 6_.wdr

6.5" Diamond Midbass

new 6 inch woofer TS

Journey DMB-6.wdr

8" Black Flat Sub

8 inch woofer TS

Journey FS-8.wdr

10" Silver Sub

10 inch subwoofer TSP

Journey OA10BS.wdr

12" Silver Sub

12 inch subwoofer TSP

Journey OA12BS.wdr