2 Year Guarantee

What Journey Offers
Journey Car Audio offers a 2 year guarantee on all their products installed at a Authorised Journey Dealer. This means that if you buy Journey Car Audio products and have them installed at a authorised dealer you will have the peace of mind that the product will be covered against defects.

The guarantee covers a 1 Year replacement of defective products, followed by 1 year coverage of repairs.
This guarantee extends to all Journey Car Audio products, including speakers, sub woofers and electronic equipment.

Journey Car Audio is dedicated to quality in both build and audio output. There is zero compromise.
Journey Car Audio South Africa also has full support from the manufacturer in China, and product feedback ensures that the products are continuously improved.

The fine print of this guarantee
The guarantee is only valid if the products are bought at and installed by an authorised Journey Car Audio dealer. The warranty excludes any neglect, over powering, miss use, excessive sun damage, excessive cold damage, water damage and accidents. Any changes to settings on the radio, equaliser settings and amplifier settings, not done by the dealer, will void any guarantees. Any changes or replacement of equipment in the system housing the Journey products, not approved by the Journey Car Audio dealer, will void all guarantees.

The guarantee only covers the Journey Car Audio products and not the installation or vehicle The Journey Car Audio dealer, Journey Car Audio or it's affiliates can not be held liable for theft, fire or any other damage caused, by the installation, equipment or any other third party factor.

When you buy Journey Car Audio, you know you are buying a product that will be with you on the full Journey of your music life.