Who and What is Journey Car Audio

Where is Journey made
Journey Car Audio is proudly made in China by the Shangnuo Electronics Company. The factories producing the product is housed in Guangzhou Province of China in the city of Foshan. The city is very famous for it's ceramics and chrome industry and the city architecture mixes strong history with modern technology. Foshan is also the city where Bruce Lee was born and raised.

Authentic Audio
Journey is an authentic brand that design and develop their own speaker systems. Some component parts are sourced from all over the world, but the assembly and design of the final products is done by hand at Shangnuo Electronics Company, who is the parent company of Journey.

Design and Testing
All electronics and speakers are designed together by the owner of Journey and some engineers at the Journey factory. Speaker some technologies from Journey are trademarked and copyrighted, which ensures uniqueness in the industry. Various combinations of material and designes are tested side by side, and compared to the best brands for accuracy and performance. Journey has a dedicated testing and demo room where the speakers and amplifiers are evaluated.

The owner of Journey Car Audio in China has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing speakers and components for other brands around the world. Lots of well known brands originate from the speaker and amplifier factories used by Journey Car Audio. These factories belong to Shangnuo Electronics Company, who are the owners of Journey Car Audio.
Journey Car Audio has been in existance since 2009, and is available in countries all over the world, including Germany, China, Japan and America. Although it is not a well advertised brand, there is a loyal following.

Journey in South Africa
Journey distribution in South Africa is done by Payntwagon Audio. A well know sound quality sound shop based in Centurion, Gauteng. the first test shipment of journey landed in South Africa in March 2015, and after 3 months of extreme testing the first consignment was ordered and delivered. Journey was officially launched in August 2015, even though the product won it's class at it's first Sound Quality competition at an IASCA event. this event took place at the Rand Show in April 2015 and the Mazda 5, built by Payntwagon Audio using only a Journey Car Audio 3-way split set and two 4 channel Journey Gold Amplifiers. No subwoofer was used in the setup as the Journey Gold series midbass drivers delivered enough sub bass.

Recent Performance
Journey Car Audio is strongly represented at the SQSA (Sound Quality South Africa) events held regularly. SQSA is the only regular Sound Quality format in South Africa and is well represented by a lot of different brands.